What can we claim for?

Travel Expenses

We can look to claim back any expenses which have arisen as a result of you having to use alternative methods of transport. We can also look to seek any expenses which you may have incurred as a result of extra travel required for rehabilitation. Please retain any proof of travel along with the times and dates of your journeys. *We cannot claim for any travel expenses incurred travelling to medical examinations.

Parking Charges

We can look to claim any expenses which you may have incurred as a result of parking tickets for attending your appointments for rehabilitation. Please retain any proof of payment.


We can look to claim expenses which you may have incurred as a result of purchasing medication whether that is over the counter medicine or prescriptions. Please retain any proof of purchase.

Gym Membership

We can look to claim back your gym membership costs providing you can supply us with the relevant evidence. The 2 main pieces of evidence required are proof of payment and you gym membership terms and conditions. The proof of the payments must be for 3 months prior to the accident as well as the payments made during the period that you could not attend the gym. The terms and conditions are required to show that your gym membership cannot be temporarily suspended.

Damaged Items

We can look to recover the cost for any damaged items whether this is for a replacement or a repair. For this we require details of how the item(s) became damaged, photographs of the damaged item(s) and a quote for repairs and/or replacement. The Insurer may request to inspect the damaged item(s) so if possible we recommend you retain the item(s).

Loss of Earnings

We will always endeavour to claim back any loss of earnings you have suffered as a result of the accident. For this we do require pre-accident payslips covering 3 months (for monthly pay) or 13 weeks (for weekly pay) along with payslips covering the period of absence.

If you are Self-employed we require tax calculations covering the previous three years and we will also ask you to try and retrieve your profit & loss accounts covering the previous three years.

Postage Costs

If you have had to send any post as a result of your accident and incurred costs for this then we can look to claim the cost of this back for you. For this we require the proof of costs incurred and confirmation of what the post relates to.

Care and Assistance

We can look to try and recover the costs incurred for the care/assistance received following your road traffic accident however we do require several documents to help us with this. We require a medical report stating that you required the care/assistance and details of the care received.

You need to ensure all proof of payments made for the care or assistance are retained as without these we cannot look to recover the expenses. The same can be recovered if it is your partner/spouse that has provided the care and assistance.


If you have paid for any treatment yourself then we can look to claim the cost back for these however please be aware we will not be able to do this if you are receiving 2 courses of the same treatment. The treatment received must be supported by the medical report and be deemed reasonable by the medical expert.

Insurance Excess/Admin Charges

If your policy excess has been deducted from the PAV payment or has been paid by you or paid towards the repairs then we can look to claim this back. For this we require confirmation from your insurance company of how the excess has been paid. Also if you have incurred any administration costs as a result of your claim then we do require proof of the cost incurred from the insurer.

Private Plate Retention

If you have had your private registration plate retained as a result of your accident then we can look to claim back the cost of this for you. All we require is proof of payment which you have made to the DVLA.


If you could not go on your holiday or went on a holiday but was unable to enjoy it, due to the accident, we can look to claim any losses back as a result of this. For this we require a Medical report which states this along with the confirmation and proof of payment for the holiday. We do also require you to send us a copy of the holiday cancellation terms and conditions.

Loss of Use

If you have been left without a vehicle as a result of the accident then we can look to submit and recover a cost for the inconvenience caused.

Personal Injury

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident in the last 3 years, that was not your fault, then OCL Solicitors are here to help.
OCL Solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis and will help you in your journey to recovery and get the compensation you deserve.

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Rehabilitation plays a major part in the journey of recovery after being injured in a road traffic accident.
As part of the claim process with OCL Solicitors you will receive the recommended treatment and this will all be covered under your conditional fee agreement.

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Vehicle Related Recoveries

Although OCL Solicitors specialise in personal injury we also deal with vehicle related recoveries such as credit hire and repairs and the recovery of uninsured losses.
Whether you’re an individual or an Accident Management Company we may be able to help you.

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