Case Studies

We have all seen the headlines relating to cash for crash and fraudulent claims arising from the UK’s whiplash culture. OCL has no desire whatsoever to be involved in accidents which have been staged or where the claimants are fraudulent.

However, in many cases the approach of the insurer, to a genuinely injured victim, causes that claimant to not pursue that claim. OCL wants to prevent that culture. We want to act for genuine claimants where they are genuinely injured and ensure that tactics from insurers do not prevent that from happening. Examples of this include:

Third party insurers deny liability which leads to a trial. The trial was successful and the Judge awarded us over £16,000 in compensation and costs for our Client.

Mrs X was in her vehicle which was parked on her drive when a third party started to reverse. The third party failed to see Mrs X resulting in a collision and Mrs X being injured. The insurers for the at fault driver claimed Mrs X could not have been injured in the collision and so denied liability for her injuries.

OCL Solicitors had to gather numerous pieces of evidence together to support the case as it went to trial. OCL had a successful trial and this resulted in the Judge awarding us over £16,000 in costs and compensation for Mrs X.

A case proceeded to court due to the third party insurers claiming our Client was not injured. After a successful trial we were awarded over £11,000 in costs and compensation for our Client.

Mr X was stationary when he was hit in the rear by an oncoming vehicle. This vehicle caused minor damage to MR X’s vehicle therefore the third party claimed Mr X could not have been injured even though they admitted their driver was at fault. They therefore denied liability for the injuries. We believed Mr X and his medical records and other evidence showed that his claim was genuine.

The case went on for just under 2 years during which several offers to compromise the claim were declined by the at fault insurer. The case proceeded to Court and after a successful trial OCL Solicitors were awarded over £11,000 in costs and compensation for Mr X which exceeded all previous offers declined by the at fault party.

Pedestrian involved in a hit and run awarded a total of £40,000 in damages.


Ms X was crossing the road when a vehicle came around the corner and struck her leg knocking her over into the road. The driver fled the scene meaning no third party details were recorded at the scene of the accident.

Ms X spent a week in hospital and suffered from multiple injuries including a broken leg, pain in her wrist and several teeth were knocked out as a result of the impact. After being discharged from hospital we had Ms X seen by various medical experts including a dentist, implantologist and orthopaedic surgeon.

As a result of the accident Ms X was off work for around 6 months therefore we ensured this loss was included in the total settlement which when awarded was £40,000.

Hit in the rear accident causes whiplash and neck pain resulting in an total compensation award of over £16,000.

Mrs Y was stationary when a third party failed to stop resulting in them hitting Mrs Y in the rear of the vehicle. She suffered whiplash injuries as well as more severe neck pains so we arranged numerous physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions to help her get back to 100% health after the accident. This was all included as part of her claim where she was awarded over £16,000 in total for compensation.

Client awarded a total settlement of £50,000 following an accident where the third party fled the scene.


OCL Solicitors helped one man be awarded with £50,000 in less than 7 months from the accident date. Mr X was hit unexpectedly causing his vehicle to spin and crash into the central reservation. The third party then fled the scene which meant at the beginning of the claim we only had the vehicle registration to work with.

After tracing the owner of the vehicle we made a claim on behalf of Mr X who suffered with multiple injuries including a collapsed lung, fractured ribs and shattered shoulders. As part of the process we arranged for Mr X to be rehabilitated and he was seen by various medical experts each helping him step by step on his road to recovery.

OCL’s approach in supporting these clients ensured they got the compensation they deserved and were not dissuaded from bringing their claims by the approach of the insurers.

Personal Injury

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident in the last 3 years, that was not your fault, then OCL Solicitors are here to help.
OCL Solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis and will help you in your journey to recovery and get the compensation you deserve.

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Rehabilitation plays a major part in the journey of recovery after being injured in a road traffic accident.
As part of the claim process with OCL Solicitors you will receive the recommended treatment and this will all be covered under your conditional fee agreement.

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Vehicle Related Recoveries

Although OCL Solicitors specialise in personal injury we also deal with vehicle related recoveries such as credit hire and repairs and the recovery of uninsured losses.
Whether you’re an individual or an Accident Management Company we may be able to help you.

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